How to Buy from hidden sales (Hidden Link) ?

Most of the time, you have a photo of branded goods, for example Nike shoes. And as you can see, there is a code on the picture. So, these shoes have the code “AAA13”.


So if you would like to order these Nike Boots, then click on the Aliexpress hidden link. This is a hidden sale, so you will see for example socks and NOT Nike shoes. Don’t be afraid. That’s OK.


How to choose the code?

You can find the code by hovering over the color and displaying the code. Seller is offering more colors of these shoees. But if you want the green one, you have to choose the code “AAA13”. When you find the right code, you mark the color and choose the size of from seller’s table. Size charts are shown together with pictures of shoes.


The size table for a shoe can look like this.


Then you just have to pay the order and wait for the delivery of the goods.


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